Beach flags (Feather flags) quality

Quality during production process

Flagsandmore.co.uk ensures you with the best quality beach flags or feather flags. Each beach flag (feather flag) we offer has a best combination of quality and price. We can guarantee that through checking our quality step by step during each process of beach flag, feather flag creation, from the design to the product.

After we receive your request, layout or order, one of our experts starts working with and for you. Your layout will be reviewed and prepared for the best quality possible. If there are any mistakes, we will contact. If you are unable to design your beach flag (feather flag) or regular flag on your own, let us know. Data creation graphic service will always help you! Our professionals will make a digital design for you. You provide us with your sketch, logo's, pictures, text and colors and we will make a production ready design just for you. After we received the approval with the design - production will be started. If the design is produced by you, we will always double check if everything is correct with it.
We guarantee high quality full color printing due modern, ditigal printers which helps us to create your beach flags on the highest standarts. We use and offer our clients dye sublimation printing which is digital, full color, with 80-90% visibility on reverse. 

After printing the beach flags (feather flags), they will be cutted carefully. This can be done by hand, so we can be sure that additional quality check steps are taken. All our beach flags, feather flags will be standard supplied with a strong pocket for the pole, zoomed edges and double stitching. Because of our experience, finished beach flag (feather flag) will have an increated lifetime. After finishing the beach flags (feather flags) we check it again for any mistakes. Each flag will be packed in plastic to avoid any damaging. The flags will be checked together with the order specification sheet. 

Because we produce our beach flags, feather flags not in the United Kingdom we have to collect orders to save transport cost. We have shipments from our production facility each day so your delivery date will not be a risk. Because of that we are able to offer you best quality and transportation price. If you need an urgent beach flag (feather flag), contact us!

As soon the packages with ordered beach flags, feather flags arrives at our warehouse in the United Kingdom they are counted and checked. The beach flags, feather flags will be combined with other products which you have ordered. According the picking list all products will be packed again and prepared for transport. In our warehouse we keep our poles and bases on stock. 


Accessories quality

Our beach flag bases, poles and other accessories are made out of high quality materials, such as fiberglass, steel and aluminum. These materials ensures the durability and quality of each accessories you are able to locate in our shop. The top part of the beach flag poles are made of fiberglass, it ensures flexibility and light weight which is a huge advantage. The bottom parts of the pole are usually made of aluminum, which keeps your beach flag straight and in the right place. Each beach flag pole has easy mounting and installation methods, so preparation for your beach flag will take only few moments.

A huge advantage of flagsandmore.co.uk is that all our accessories, such as poles and bases are always available on stock. All accessories are are available in different prices. All our steel bases are supplied with a good coating or in some cases a luxury chromed finish. Some of our bases are supplied with double bearing which ensures your beach flag rotation.