Face cover with print "Can't Woof"


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Washable fabric face cover with print "Can't Woof". Print with an unique desing is made from high quality 100% Polyester Dry-Fit material. Face mask protects your face from environmental hazards such as hot sun, wind, insects, cold temperatures and dust particles. Because of the high quality material and quick drying the bandana with print doesn’t hold sweat and moisture. Fabric face mask size ~24 x 35 cm, weight ~55-65 grams.

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ModelFace cover with print "Can't Woof"
Size~24 x 34 cm
Material100% Polyester Dry-Fit
  • Size: ~24 x 34 cm;
  • Weight: ~55-65 grams;
  • Material: 100% Polyester Dry-Fit material (cotton-like feel);
  • Can be used during hot and cold periods of the year;
  • The fabric used for the face cover does not crease, maintains shape, dries quickly;
  • It can be washed in a automatic washing machine;
  • We recommend to iron face mask with steam mode;
  • 10 different ways to use it!
  • Odor control.
  • Buy 4 or more pieces and receive 25% discount (you can select different designs too!)

Fabrice face mask with the print is a perfect accessory for the people with active lifestyle, especially for people who are hunting, fishing, skiing, jogging and so on. Moreover, there are lots of different methods how to use your face mask with special print, you can see all of them in the pictures section.

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