7 different beach flag or feather flag models!

Each beach flag (feather flag) model has its unique design and character. From sleek to trendy, from playful to modern, all of them are made with the high quality materials which are very durable. You can choose from seven different beach flag models such as: Straight, Concave, Angled, Convex, Shark, Drop and Block. Each beach flag model has its own advantages. The beach model Drop for example is ideal for round logos and the model Straight, Shark, Block, Convex or Concave for rectangular logos. While beach flag model Convex has no loose edges flapping and it gives this model an extra durability. You can always ask us about any of these beach flag models!

Beach flag or feather flag sizes

Depending on the model you choose, there are various sizes available. Some beach flag (feather flag) models are available in six sizes and there are few which has five different sizes. The only exception is with Block model. This beach flag (feather flag) model has 3 different sizes only. Four models (Straight, Concave, Angled and Convex) can be manufactured in an extra wide design, for more visible information on the beach flag (feather flag). Moreover, any size has different finishing options. You can also define the type of printing, wind direction and finish of the flag. Additionally, you can also order a mast, carrying case and beach flag base. 

Below is an overview of the range of sizes of each model:

ModelNumber of sizes
Drop 5